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25th Oct 2012 - 21:55Flash: Size Mattersby sneeze
And here's the flash version of Size Matters. Have fun!
15th Oct 2012 - 15:06Android: Size Mattersby sneeze
Size really does matter in our latest game for Android devices! Test your spacial awareness with this simple game in which you tap shapes in order of area, starting with the smallest. Size Matters can be downloaded now for free from Google Play. The flash version is coming soon!
1st Aug 2012 - 14:17Canoe Sprintby sneeze
Our latest game is a one-button sports themed game, Canoe Sprint. Retro graphics and retro gameplay, with three different skills to master in three distances of race.
22nd Jul 2012 - 16:49Lightshift on Android Marketby sneeze
We've published Lightshift on android market. So, please give it a go and let us know what you think!
6th Jul 2012 - 19:35Lightshift for Androidby sneeze
We've got a test version of our first app for android, Lightshift, available for anyone that wants to try it. You can find it over on our brand new Android apps page. We'd love to know if it works properly, or any other comments you may have about it, so we'd be grateful for all feedback!
5th Jul 2012 - 13:47Mushroom Harvestby sneeze
Fancy some fast paced fun? In our latest game, Mushroom Harvest, you've got a minute to harvest as many mushrooms as you can! Bigger ones get more points, but don't let them go bad...
19th Mar 2012 - 22:45New Gamesby sneeze
I've got two new games just completed. First up is a new patience game, Crazy Quilt over on Rosamund's Bower, where you must attempt to disentangle the quilt of cards.

We've also got a new spot the difference game, Blue Lighter Cult II, featuring panels from Blue Lighter Cult II by Busy Slacker Comics.
23rd Feb 2012 - 17:52Pub Crawlby sneeze
Guide your friends to as many pubs as you can over in Pub Crawl over on Red Tower Games. But be careful, things aren't so easy after a few drinks...
25th Oct 2011 - 16:33Wordstacksby sneeze
We've got a new game! You can play Wordstacks over at Red Tower Games. Wordstacks is a cross between a patience game and a word game, in which you have to make rearrange cards with letters on to make the best words you can.
22nd Oct 2010 - 17:48Mine 60by sneeze
Our latest game is Mine 60. Your ship is going to explode - how far can you fly before everything goes up in smoke?
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